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Xiamen cloud Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development of Internet products and supporting services based high-tech enterprises. Focus on the development of a variety of services for the industry, technology and services to create more than expected product experience, designed to create a more perfect, more stable, simple and convenient safe and practical products and solutions.

The core members of Chuangyun Technology team are composed of a group of industry elites with 10 years of game experience. They have been focusing on and deeply cultivating the game field, and have rich experience in game development, distribution and operation. Since its establishment, it has been making bold attempts in the design of products and functions. Through independent research and development, the company has a total of 27 invention patents, 11 projects in the past three years, 14 scientific and technological achievements, and an average annual conversion of 4 or more. To make the performance of the company's software products more competitive than similar products.

Development History
  • 2021
    Start a new journey to become the best mobile Internet solution provider
  • 2020
    In the 5g era, we develop cloud game platform management system to boost the development of cloud games and provide large-scale games for mobile phones, computers and other devices
  • 2019
    Launch small program game management system and game marketing system to help overseas enterprises have a broader overseas market
  • 2018
    With the advent of a new era of wechat games, priority will be given to the launch of small program station group system, small game advertising alliance, small game advertising assistant, small game operation management system and other products
  • 2017
    Cloud new era is approaching, is committed to becoming the best mobile Internet solutions provider
  • 2016
    Exclusive launch of hand travel publishing system, Html5 game publishing system, hand travel industry segments category TOP1, more than 3000 service companies
  • 2015
    Access to Legend star investment, the first domestic R & D mobile game platform system, rebate system. Users all over China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia and other overseas customers
  • 2014
    Open a new era of web+wap+app three terminal. Add a wide range of applications market products popular
  • 2013
    Mobile application market R & D team set up, released 2 independent research and development application store management system, on-line for one month in the A5, the home of the webmaster, download ranking first
  • 2012
    FLASH game operating system, FLASH game distribution system on-line
  • 2011
    Web game operation system, web game opening service system on-line
  • 2010
    The prototype team: Xiamen Xian Xia online (formerly Xiamen Zhi Nei network) technology department is responsible for the SNS community, social game operation

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We are a dynamic young team, the company for each employee to provide a broad career development space, the system of training mechanisms, improve the welfare system, Rich amateur life, welcome more people to join us. "Creating a cloudtechnology" the cause of the door is always open for you!Resume delivery to 2742984324@qq.com


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